Checklist for Choosing the Right ERP Consultant

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The right governance consultant or advisory firm can be a decision even more critical than the ERP platform you choose to install.

Plenty of consultants will claim they can execute a successful ERP implementation, but be cautious of any that don’t meet all of the following criteria.



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Checklist for choosing an ERP Consultant:

Is independent and vendor agnostic.

Has experience with products from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Infor, NetSuite, and the Tier II market.

Has technical service and support partners expert to the ERP platform vendor you choose.

Provides the complete program management necessary for success: IT strategy, project management, organizational change management, business process reengineering, project recovery services, and staffing.

Has a proven methodology that incorporates cross-industry experience.

Has expertise in your vertical but leverages best practices from across industries.

Your consulting team is made up of veteran employees, not contractors.

Will provide comprehensive reviews of project plans, schedules, budgets, risks, and other key developments to track overall project health.

Has a documented plan for solution assurance by using consistent SWOT analysis to uncover critical program risks typically found in ERP implementations.

Has expertise in executing complex vendor management and contracting.

Provides onboarding, system training, and ongoing post-implementation support.

Listens before talking and provides full visibility and transparency into progress.

Has values and cultural alignment with your organization.

Can provide relevant case studies and testimonials.

Though not an exhaustive list, these are critical factors to ensure that whoever you hire to sit on top of your ERP implementation is capable of steering your project to success. ERP transformation is a significant investment for any company, and your ERP implementation will be unique. Don’t rely on a generic playbook to guide your project. And don’t assume your various vendors, system integrators, and implementation partners will effectively work together.

The best way to guarantee the ultimate success of your ERP implementation project is to employ the right advisory consultant – one who can execute the program governance required to align so many moving pieces and priorities.

K&B Global takes a personal approach to developing and executing strategic consulting and managed services that help businesses strengthen operations in order to navigate a constantly evolving digital business environment. Book a free consultation with us to learn more about how our proven process for ERP governance produces successful transformations.

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